Sad Shayari In Hindi, Jab Milo Kisi See

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Milna Par Dhyaan Se- Love Shayari in Hindi

True Love comes with compromises and this isn’t easy. Every Relation has to go through some hard times where we need our Partners to be there but we Can’t force them to Be. It’s a matter of choice who wants to be there with you or Who doesn’t. In this hard time, You always have a lot to say but staying quiet is the only option that you are left with. Here Shayari Can help you to break your silence. We have the best collection of Shayari in Hindi that can help you to let people know what do you feel.

Jabb Milo Kisii See

To Jara Dor Kaa Rishtaa Rkhna,

जब मिलो किसी से

तो जरा दूर का रिश्ता रखना,

Bhut Tadpaatee Hai

Akser Seena See Lagaanee Wale.

hindi love shayari

बहुत तङपाते है

अक्सर सीने से लगाने वाले।

Abb Tujhsee Shikayat Krna,

Mere Hak Mee Nhi

अब तुझसे शिकायत करना

मेरे हक मे नहीं,

Kyu ki Tuu Aarzooo Meri Thii,

Per Amanat Shyad Kisi or Ki.

क्योंकि तू आरजू मेरी थी

पर अमानत शायद किसी और की।

Ajeb Ha Mahoobbat Ke Khal,

Ja Mujhe Nhi Khelna

shayari in hindi

अजीब है महोब्बत का खेल,

जा मुझे नही खेलना,

Rooth Koii or Jaata Hai ,

Toot Koi or Jaata Hai.

,रूठ कोई और जाता है

टूट कोई और जाता है।

Love Shayari In Hindi

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